Top 5 Foods to Eat for Your Liver Cleanse Diet

Judy Seeger, ND gives your the top foods to eat for your liver cleanse diet PLUS bonus tips.

What is the hardest working organ in your body? 

Surprisingly, its your liver! 

When you eat processed foods, your liver has to break it down. If you take medications, your liver has to break it down. Food additives, chemicals, everything and anything you’re exposed to has to go through your liver!

When your liver is overworked, and underpaid, it gets over-loaded! Then the rest of your body has to kick in to store toxins – this is where trouble comes in with diseases!

If you don’t clean your kitchen, those dirty dishes pile up and start making your house smell awful. Same with your liver! If it doesn’t get cleaned out, it will store those toxins and you start getting bad breath, bad body odor and then eventually those stored toxins cause you to lose energy.

You can feel – Depressed, irritable, angry, restless, or anxious when your liver is overloaded. On top of that, gallstones can form because your liver is too busy with filtering out those toxins.

Now you can have pain on the right side of your stomach which can even shoot up the right side of your body! It’s best to do a liver cleanse at least 4 times a year. Doing it over the weekend is the easiest.

You can easily get a liver cleanse program on the internet, but if you want to have the most effective results, you’ll want to do a pre-cleanse. I have all these therapies I used in my clinic in this easy to follow ebook: Shatter Your Gallstones Without Painful Surgery 

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Let’s start first with the best foods to cleanse your liver since that is the foundation for any effective cleanse. Remember, food is your medicine!

Liver Cleanse Food #1 
Grapefruit is an excellent fruit to eat during a liver cleanse. Its not only high in anti-oxidants like Vitamin A and C, but cleanses the liver due to high levels of flavonoids. IF you are on certain medications, like cholesterol lowering meds, make sure to watch your grapefruit intake.

Benefits of Grapefruit The bitter taste comes from a flavonoid that helps: 

  • Stimulates the liver
  • Improves insulin levels
  • Metabolizes fat better 

Liver Cleanse Food #2
Beets! They’re rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, phospherous, and high in vitamins A and C, folic acid Known to guard against certain cancers, like colon cancer, it’s the betacyanin that guards you.

Benefits of Beets

  • Cleanses the liver plus tones it!
  • Cleanses the colon
  • Purifies the blood

Liver Cleanse Food #3
Bitter greens include – endive, arugula, mustard greens,radicchio, escarole, dandelion greens. Anything you eat that is bitter will stimulate your liver and gallbladder. In salads, its easy to add a bit of endive or arugula without getting overwhelmed by the pungent taste.

Benefits of Bitter Greens

  • High in anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, betacarotene
  • Excellent to stimulate digestion & breaks down food Tip – add sea salt and olive olive to reduce the bitter taste

Liver Cleanse Food #4
Granny Smith Apples By now you’re getting the picture that foods that are sour or bitter are good for your liver and gallbladder! Granny Smith Apples are sour and the skin has a slight bitter taste, plus the extra pectin makes a clean sweep of your bowels!

Benefits of Granny Smith Apples

  • High in anti-oxidants
  • The apple peel has cancer fighting properties, especially for liver, colon and breast cancer
  • The fiber also helps you reduce cholesterol levels that can contribute to gallstone formation

Liver Cleanse Food #5
Lemons Lemons are a very alkaline type fruit, even though its considered a citrus. Adding 1 whole lemon to 1 quart water stimulates your liver and is especially helpful if you’ve eaten a meal and you feel bloated.

Benefits of Lemons

  • High in anti-oxidants
  • Excellent to regulate bile flow
  • Maintains good digestion

Bonus Tip! Sometimes finding these foods or remembering to take them is hard. You can take Swedish bitters which has all the bitter herbs you need. One teaspoon after every meal goes a long way in stimulating your liver and acts as a good digestive aide.

All this and more are included in the easy to follow guide I’ve written for you. You see, you can pick up bits and pieces from the internet, but sometimes you just need it all in one book.

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Once you have it, its easy to follow the program! When you do the pre-cleanse and take the Liver Flush you get much higher results. Most folks on the internet simply don’t have the experience to tell you how to maximize your results. The Liver Flush drink WILL get you results. However, you’ll only get some of the stones out. And here’s another tip – doing ONE Liver Flush is rarely enough! You need to do many of them to get all those gallstones out from your gallbladder AND your biliary ducts!

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Until next time,

Dr. Judy 

Success Stories

Awesome! I also want to let you know that I love your emails. I'm going strong on my essiac tea, my body was lethargic and my skin was gross (releasing toxins) for a bit, but my energy is starting to soar and my skin is clearing up. I found a bunch of fresh, organic burdock root at my local coop, started making my own sauerkraut, making Pao d'Arco tea w/ Yerba Mate and Green (all organics), it tastes sooo good,and I'm eliminating very well. Thank you Judy!
Michael korr – Austin, tx

On the 12th of May, I began to have slight pain on the right side. Tried Flush 3 (hard) and it worked very well. Quite a lot of green and brown stones got flushed out. I am so glad. No pain. Maintaining the fruit juices and diet as mentioned.
Sandra Andrews

"I purchased your book this weekend. I also did one of the cleanses, which I was amazed at. I did the one on page 53 and was astounded at the amount of stones that came out. It was extremely helpful and beneficial. I feel great and I had been sick for at least 6 months. I have Celiac so it is imperative that I do all I can to keep my gallbladder. Thank you for making this information available.
Thank you very much,
Aleece Briggs

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