Picture of Gallstones

These pictures will blow you away!

Every once in a while you come across a truth you simply can’t ignore!

The doctors won’t tell you tell. The nurses don’t know. Your neighbor will think its crazy…but its totally true! You CAN get rid of your gallstones on your own WITHOUT surgery. And I have pictures of gallstones to prove it. Actually, I have a TON of pictures taken by people just like you who used a totally natural way to get rid of their gallstones.

Hi, I’m Judy Seeger trained traditional naturopathic physician with over 33 years in the alternative medicine field. I found these great pictures of gallstones I wanted to share with you…

Let me show you what I mean…but be ready, these aren’t pretty pictures!


This one looks pretty yucky because it looks almost like a couple of pieces of poop – seriously, it does doesn’t it?? But gallstones come in all shapes and sizes. That’s because it depends on the type of gallstones they are.

Green Gallstones
This bunch of gallstones look green because it seems like it took on the color of bile. You can also see by the quarter next to it how large some of them can get! The cholesterol, part of what gallstones are made up of, just keeps sticking together and clumping until they get quite large….and painful!
Pigment Gallstones
This is a good example of gallstones that are called Pigment Gallstones where the colors can range from brown to black. The color is caused from waste product from the hemoglobin, the oxygen carriers in your blood cells.
Gallstones in the Hepatic Duct
Here’s a perfect picture of a gallstone that is stuck in the hepatic duct. You see, most gallstones are formed in your liver and when they get stuck, it can be ANYWHERE in your biliary duct. Remember, just because the doctors removed your gallbladder, doesn’t mean they got ALL your gallstones. Some could be stuck in your ducts!
Gallstones Sizes
Now in this picture, you can see how large they can get. Its amazing how big they can get!
Gallstone Shapes and Sizes
Here’s another example of their size and shape. You can see they’re about an inch in diameter and come in different colors.
Pigment Gallstones
These gallstones are definitely Pigment gallstones that range from very small sizes to ones that are almost the size of the quarter!
Gallstones in Liquid Puddle
Here you can see that the stones look like they’re in puddle of liquid. That’s exactly what they’re in – a watery solution. However, the stones themselves are made of fat (cholesterol). Your liver secrets in extra acids to break the stones down, unless of course you have too many…that’s when you have problems!

If you have gallstones… or suffering from any type of gallbladder pain… I urge you to act at once! You CAN eliminate gallstones without surgery!  And our Free Report will tell you how.  Learn more about our Free Report here.


Judy Seeger, ND


Success Stories

Awesome! I also want to let you know that I love your emails. I'm going strong on my essiac tea, my body was lethargic and my skin was gross (releasing toxins) for a bit, but my energy is starting to soar and my skin is clearing up. I found a bunch of fresh, organic burdock root at my local coop, started making my own sauerkraut, making Pao d'Arco tea w/ Yerba Mate and Green (all organics), it tastes sooo good,and I'm eliminating very well. Thank you Judy!
Michael korr – Austin, tx

On the 12th of May, I began to have slight pain on the right side. Tried Flush 3 (hard) and it worked very well. Quite a lot of green and brown stones got flushed out. I am so glad. No pain. Maintaining the fruit juices and diet as mentioned.
Sandra Andrews

"I purchased your book this weekend. I also did one of the cleanses, which I was amazed at. I did the one on page 53 and was astounded at the amount of stones that came out. It was extremely helpful and beneficial. I feel great and I had been sick for at least 6 months. I have Celiac so it is imperative that I do all I can to keep my gallbladder. Thank you for making this information available.
Thank you very much,
Aleece Briggs

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