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Breathe Easier When You See Picture of Gallbladder and Know EXACTLY What it Does!

Hi folks, Judy Seeger, trained naturopathic physician here to show you gallbladder pictures that will help you understand how this small organ plays a vital role in your aging, weight, and your health!


Be ready, since some of these gallbladder pictures are quite graphic!


Gallbladder Picture

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Your gallbladder is tucked under your liver, which is on the right side of your abdomen just underneath your last rib cage. You liver is in charge of secreting bile into your gallbladder to break down fats.

Here’s a more detailed gallbladder picture. You can see that this 3 inch organ has 3 parts…the neck, the body, and the fundus.


Gallbladder Picture

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Its usually in the fundus, or bottom portion of the gallbladder where stones end up, although they actually start forming in your liver. They can also get stuck in the common bile duct, pancreatic bile duct as you can see in this picture.

Here we can see a gallbladder full to over flowing with gallstones. Not a good thing! This is what can cause pain, especially after eating a high fat meal.

Gallbladder Picture

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Gallstones come in all shapes and sizes. In this picture you can see they look almost like pebbles. These are the ones that can get stuck in your bile duct and cause acute pain! As you can see, just by removing the gallbladder, doesn’t mean you have gotten all the stones. They can easily sneak up into your bile duct and cause more problems!


Gallbladder Picture

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Taking a closer look at these gallstones, you can see how the cholesterol has clumped together and made large gallstones. There doesn’t seem to be too many stones in this gallbladder, but it doesn’t take long for the cholesterol to stick together and make more!

One of the best things you can do is to eat sour green apples. You can also juice them, but the fiber in the apples helps make a clean sweep in your colon.

Another great food to eat is fresh lemons. These fruit cuts the fat right in half and you can feel immediate pain relief from any gallbladder symptoms. Better yet, squeeze a half a lemon into a glass and drink it down. You’ll feel much better!

These are temporary natural methods you can use to help your gallbladder. For true healing, you will have to do a gallbladder flush. These flushes can dissolve any stones you have not matter if they are in your gallbladder OR bile ducts. You can take the guess work out PLUS save a trip to the hospital!

To learn how you can do a simple & easy gallbladder flush, see our eBook here.

Judy Seeger, ND


Success Stories

Awesome! I also want to let you know that I love your emails. I'm going strong on my essiac tea, my body was lethargic and my skin was gross (releasing toxins) for a bit, but my energy is starting to soar and my skin is clearing up. I found a bunch of fresh, organic burdock root at my local coop, started making my own sauerkraut, making Pao d'Arco tea w/ Yerba Mate and Green (all organics), it tastes sooo good,and I'm eliminating very well. Thank you Judy!
Michael korr – Austin, tx

On the 12th of May, I began to have slight pain on the right side. Tried Flush 3 (hard) and it worked very well. Quite a lot of green and brown stones got flushed out. I am so glad. No pain. Maintaining the fruit juices and diet as mentioned.
Sandra Andrews

"I purchased your book this weekend. I also did one of the cleanses, which I was amazed at. I did the one on page 53 and was astounded at the amount of stones that came out. It was extremely helpful and beneficial. I feel great and I had been sick for at least 6 months. I have Celiac so it is imperative that I do all I can to keep my gallbladder. Thank you for making this information available.
Thank you very much,
Aleece Briggs

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