Gallbladder Diet

How to Avoid Another Gallbladder Attack This Holiday!

IF you are having pain right now, you might
want to get to the doctor to check to see if
its your gallbladder or some other issue.

But until you get there, go to the store and
buy natural apple juice and warm it up just
a bit.

Drink 8 oz of warm apple juice every hour
until your pain subsides. The apple juice has
pectin which can soften stones and make
that pain go away!

You can also use Apple Cider Vinegar – but
don't use just any vinegar. Use Bragg's brand
which is a very pure form. Drink 4 ounces
every hour until the pain subsides.

But to avoid all this pain in the first place,
you're going to want to simply avoid fatty
foods – milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream
along with fried foods – which all irritate
your liver!

Ok, so now you know what to do to avoid
a gallbladder attack as far as food goes.
But here's another super important food
tip – this food actually prevents any problems
from happening. The food I'm talking about
is eating beets!

Eat beets raw, cooked, steamed, even straight
from the can! Beets don't have much flavor
yet they have the ability to break down in
your liver to pump it up. This in turn helps
your gallbladder to keep those stones to
a minimum!

Let me just tell you that one of the worse
gallbladder offenders is stress! The more
stressed out you are, the more your body
takes a hit!

Take relaxing baths at night before bed,
especially with Epsom Salts. The magnesium
sulfate in the salts will relax you from head
to toe.

This holiday season can be your healthiest
year ever! Just by doing a few simple things,
your body can stay nice and strong.

Take the time to take care of yourself and
your body will repay you ten fold.

IF you want to know more of the tips and
strategies I used in my clinic, you can order
my ebook:

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one program developed for you.

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Here's to a wonderful healthy month!

Talk to you next week -
Dr. Judy

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Power Up Your Cleanse Diet for Maximum Results Judy Seeger, ND shows your the best cleanse diet secrets to keep your liver and gallbladder working at top notch levels!

Fall time is just around the corner and time to
clean out – your house, your car, and your
liver and gallbladder!

I miss the change of seasons – living in Florida
has its advantages like beach time, lots of sun,
and palm trees swaying in the breeze!

As I watch the kids go back to school, I
realize its time to get into the fall cleaning

It’s no secret that there is a TON of cleanse
diets that promise to eliminate your acne
to fat to allergies….but let’s get serious.

Drinking a health drink will NOT give
you great results taking a few herbal
supplements won’t either. Eating a
special diet is not enough either.

Ready for fall clean up?
click here for more info on Liver
Gallbladder Flushes….

So what DOES power up your body
so you can cleanse those toxins out
and keep your liver, kidneys, colon,
gallbladder all squeaky clean?

If you have these symptoms:
• appetite loss
• digestive problems (like indigestion)
• change in urine
• constipation or diarrhea
• chronic fatigue
• nausea, vomiting
• insomnia
• pain in middle to upper back and upper
• high blood pressure
• belly fat or sudden weight loss
• High cholesterol
• Yellow skin or whites of eyes turn yellow

Then you have major toxic issues!
It’s time to cleanse out those toxins
to get your body back on track!

Where do these toxins get the power
to cause these debilitating symptoms?

When you are exposed to toxins –
which everyone is – your body goes
into an automatic detox mode.

That’s what your liver, kidneys, colon,
lungs, and skin to – they detox each
and every toxin that you come into
contact with.

Let me give you a partial list of these
toxins so you have an idea what I’m
talking about….

Toxin LIST

• margarine
• hydrogenated fats – which are
found in chips, canned products, bottled foods
• table salt
• chlorinated water – tap water
• aspartame – which is in nutrasweet, equal,
sweet n low
• pesticides – found on your veggies & fruit = organic only!
• bottled water – BPA
• pasturized milk or milk products
• soft drinks
• junk foods – hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, etc
• grilled foods on gas grills
• body deodorant, hair products

What these toxins do is they blocks
your organs down to your blood cells
from absorbing nutrients!

So here you are eating organic food,
and spending lots of money on them

…taking a ton of supplements

And not absorbing nothing! Zip. Nada!

It’s time to go on toxin damage control!

Here’s how to power boost your cleanse-
Use detox therapies.

Food is good. Herbal supplements are
better. But using natural detox therapies
takes your body to a whole new level!

List of the fastest cleanse therapies

I will talk about the foods to eat since
that is the foundation of any cleanse.
But here’s the list of therapies that
will remove those toxins:

• Infared sauna/ steam sauna
• Mini-trampoline exercise
• Dry Skin brushing
• Detox baths
• Colon hydrotherapy
• Hydrotherapy
• Salt scrub
• Castor oil

Let’s lay the foundation, for a good
cleanse – eating the right foods
during a cleanse are those that
are the most easily absorbed.

Keeping it simple this means fresh
fruit and vegetables during your
actual cleanse.

Grains, dairy products, meat are
all extremely acid producing and
difficult to digest.

Fresh fruit, includes (all organic),
berries, papaya, mango, pineapple

Bananas and melons are difficult
to digest and not recommended
during a cleanse.

Vegetables for cleansing:
beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips,
celery, dark leafy greens, broccoli,
cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage.

Peas, corn and beans are difficult
to digest and not recommended
for your cleanse.

Best therapy to absorb nutrients
from your foods AND eliminating
toxins is Enzyme Therapy.

Enzymes are your workers!

That are high quality and include
the ability to break down proteins,
fats, and carbohydrates and ensures
maximum results during your cleanse!

Want to know the details on your
cleanse program?

It’s NOT just for eliminating gallstones,
although most of us collect those like
marbles in a bag….I’ve also included
all the therapies I just mentioned.

You can order your copy here…

Have a great week!
Dr. Judy
P.S. If you’re seriously interested in
detoxing your liver and gallbladder,
and need personal attention to set
your program up for you….click here:


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Awesome! I also want to let you know that I love your emails. I'm
going strong on my essiac tea, my body was lethargic and my skin was gross (releasing toxins) for a bit, but my energy is starting to soar and my skin is clearing up. I found a bunch of fresh, organic burdock root at my local coop, started making my own sauerkraut, making Pao d'Arco tea w/ Yerba Mate and Green (all organics), it tastes sooo good,and I'm eliminating very well. Thank you Judy!
Michael korr – Austin, tx

On the 12th of May, I began to have slight pain on the right side. Tried Flush 3 (hard) and it worked very well. Quite a lot of green and brown stones got flushed out. I am so glad. No pain. Maintaining the fruit juices and diet as mentioned.
Sandra Andrews

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